The Extraordinary RACING HERITAGE Chronograph

For over a century, Gallet has been the world's leading pioneer in professional timekeeping. As one of the finest mechanical timepieces ever produced for the track, Gallet's new limited edition Racing Heritage chronograph is the most thought-out and well-engineered timepiece an amateur or professional  sportsman can wear.
Surpassing every other chronograph available regardless of price, the Racing Heritage is the only timepiece in the world to incorporate the following extraordinary features:

Evolution of a Legend

Timekeeping experts, motorsports professionals and watch collectors agree that Gallet’s legendary MultiChron model 12 from the 1960’s represented the height of perfection in iconic chronographs. It struck a perfect balance of functions that the professional required, while sporting handsome looks nobody could pass up. It was also heralded for its accuracy, durability, and reliability, with most examples still performing flawlessly today. Gallet timepieces were used by many of motorsport’s greats including Jim Clark, A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Rodger Ward, Darell Waltrip, and track officials across all worldwide racing circuits.

While the DNA of its renowned predecessor is obvious, the new Racing Heritage chronograph represents a grand evolution that will not be surpassed by any chronograph for generations.
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Purity of Design - The Real Thing

Gallet added nothing frivolous or unnecessary to the Racing Heritage's appearance solely for impressing the unknowledgeable. As history's most renowned "tool-watch" maker, unsurpassed function and accuracy has always been and will continue to be our top priority. This principled approach to watchmaking results in timepieces with pure form-follows-function elegance and clearly portrays that Gallet’s professional timepieces are the "real thing".

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Perfect Ergonomics

At 40.5mm in diameter and only 13.2mm thick, our new Racing Heritage chronograph is neither too big nor too small, designed with the perfect balance of sublime comfort and exceptional function in mind. The faceted lugs that hold the strap are perfectly angled with the curve of the wrist. When you buckle on the pro rally strap with stylish ventilation orifices, hand-stitched by master leatherworkers from luxurious and extremely durable American alligator, it feels like a dream.

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Unsurpassed Wrist Security

Instead of commonly used spring bars that can detach at the most inopportune moment, the Racing Heritage chronograph utilizes hex-head screw bars to secure the strap or bracelet to the watch. Every Racing Heritage chronograph comes with the high quality tools required to easily change or replace the strap or bracelet when desired.
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Ultra Tested Dial (Face) Interface

When superior function is top priority, immediate visual interface with a watch's dial or face is critical. Even fractions of a second should not be wasted for the mind to orient itself to the relative position of the hands with the markers and indications.

During early development stages, Gallet's designers extensively tested numerous dial layouts, measuring in split seconds the time it took for "mental interface". The tests included versions with markers instead of numerals, numerals of varying sizes and thickness, background color and texture, as well as relative sizes of the technical indexes. The final result of these efforts is a watch that is highly attractive, visually balanced, and much easier and quicker to use than other chronographs.
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Dial Located Tachometry Scale - A Better Idea

With most modern chronographs, the speed calculating scale is located on an external bezel, placed outside of the crystal. This is done primarily for appearance and not the best idea for function.  Besides vulnerability to wear, as external bezels often require expensive replacement when they easily become scratched and damaged, accuracy in calculating relative speed is also sacrificed. With external bezels, the sweep chronograph hand never extends to the outer indications. Like its renowned predecessor, the tachometry scale of the Gallet “Racing Heritage” chronograph remains safely under the sapphire crystal at the outer perimeter of the dial. As a result, the indexes are always fully protected and more precisely viewed as the sweep chronograph hand crosses directly over the markings.
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Open Design Hands for Superior Register Visibility

With most other chronographs, the hour and minute hands often obstruct viewing of the lower time recording hands. Since the primary function of a chronograph is to record elapsed time, this is unacceptable to Gallet. By combining broader open-profile hands with luminous at the outer section only, the lower registers of the Racing Heritage chronograph maintain the most useful visibility regardless of the time of day or night.

The precisely calculated round counterweight, located on the short end of the sweep chronograph hand ensures extra smooth and exact resetting to zero, an engineering touch that also reduces stress on the mechanics for reliable functioning into the next century.
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"Gentlemen, Synchronize your Watches."

Whether you synchronize your watch with the US Naval Observatory Master Clock or another timepiece, the Racing Heritage's special "Hack Setting" feature makes this easy. When the winding crown is pulled out to the setting position, all functions temporarily freeze until the crown is depressed back in. This feature allows split second coordination of the watch's exact time with whatever external timing source is preferred.
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Superior Bezel Engineering

The most vulnerable part of a watch to damage is the bezel that surrounds the crystal. Within no time, owners are grieving those first scratches and dents and must decide whether to accept this or purchase an expensive replacement. While harder than stainless steel, even ceramic bezels are susceptible to chips and cracking.

Gallet took note of this and engineered-in the perfect solution. Removing the case back of the new Racing Heritage chronograph reveals 4 hidden screws that securely hold the o-ring sealed bezel in place. This unique system allows the bezel to be easily separated from the case for polishing, either during routine servicing or as a quick and inexpensive maintenance procedure whenever desired.
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Timing in a Moments Notice

Gallet’s “always-ready” pushers are superbly engineered with dual o-rings and reinforced architecture to be more durable and water resistant. This eliminates the need for cumbersome screw-locking mechanisms, added on other chronographs solely for appearance and impressing the unknowledgeable.

With the Racing Heritage chronograph, measuring elapsed time can now begin in a moment’s notice.
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Superior Water Resistance

In 1938, Gallet introduced the first water-resistant chronograph to the world. As a result, we have more years of experience with protecting these delicate and complex mechanisms from moisture than other Swiss watch manufacturer.

With other watches, where most seals are located on horizontal surfaces, full water resistance occurs only when the screws that hold everything together are completely torqued down. With the new Racing Heritage case, a marvel of engineering achievement, all seals are located vertically. Full water resistance to 100 meters or 328 feet is achieved even before a single screw is inserted.

Extreme pressure tested sapphire crystals at the front and rear, combined with dual o-rings at the winding crown and pushers, ensure that getting the Gallet Racing Heritage chronograph wet is never a problem.
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Unsurpassed Magnetic Field Protection

As the toughest, most most though-out and well-engineered chronograph available today, the Gallet Racing Heritage is built to far exceed ISO 764 standards with no adverse effects from exposure to strong magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss.

This is accomplished without the use of brittle silicon hair springs or thickness adding Faraday cages, considered more as marketing gimmicks than having actual usefulness. Instead all components of the Gallet Racing Heritage chronograph are constructed of alloys chosen for their relative insensitivity to magnetic fields.
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What's "Under the Hood" Matters Most

The minimal and elegant appearance of the Racing Heritage chronograph, drawing from the celebrated design aesthetic of the mid-20th century, belies the extraordinary powerhouse within.

Crafted in true “artisan” tradition, the new in-house Gallet calibre 550 has no connection with the mass-produced mechanical movements widely used by other brands across the industry. Produced as a collaboration of Gallet and Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, this superior chronometer grade calibre utilizes a super low-mass variable inertia balance, powered by dual mainsprings. The components of the chronograph are specially engineered by Dubois Dépraz, located in Switzerland's "Watch Valley", to flawlessly and seamlessly integrate with the ultra-thin profile of the calibre 550. The automatic winding system is driven by a tungsten rotor weight, floating on ceramic ball bearings "pearls" that never wear out.
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Low-Mass Variable Inertia Balance that Transcends Gravity

With mechanical timepieces, gravity is the primary enemy of accuracy. While friction at the bearings is at a minimum when a watch's rotating balance is exactly horizontal, changes in the position of the wearer's wrist will normally cause adverse fluctuations in accuracy.

A standard feature on all new Gallet watches, the extraordinary balance wheel of the Racing Heritage chronograph is specially engineered with such low mass that changes in the wearer's wrist has minimal effect on timing. Four strategically positioned gold inertia blocks further enable precise adjustments for optimal accuracy.

This amazing gravity-transcending feature is built into only the world's finest timepieces.
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Dual Mainsprings for Consistent Accuracy

Two is better than one, especially with mainsprings. A single wide mainspring varies extensively in exerted force depending on the degree of wind; whereas, thinner paired mainsprings exert force more consistently across a greater range of wind. The dual mainspring configuration of the Racing Heritage chronograph, a feature lacking with other chronographs, enables the watch to maintain greater and more consistent accuracy regardless if fully or partially wound.
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Fine Tuned for Ultimate Precision

Dual mainsprings also provide the ability for extra fine tuning in accommodating the power requirements of watches with complicated features such as the chronograph. Working in unison, top engineers from 3 of Switzerland's most esteemed timekeeping maisons worked extensively to simultaneously fine tune the design of the balance, escapement, chronograph mechanism, and mainsprings for achieving ultimate precision across all functions. The result is a watch that varies no more than +/- 2 seconds within a 24 hour period when switching from simple time telling to complex elapsed time recording.
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Highly Advanced Self-Winding System

To achieve perfection with the Racing Heritage chronograph's automatic self-winding system, the rotor weight is constructed of two different metals, stainless steel and tungsten. After 100’s of tests and countless hours spent on calculations, we determined the perfect proportional combination of these two metals of dissimilar weights for most efficiently winding the dual mainsprings while minimalizing the stress on associated components. By combining this with ceramic ball bearing “pearls” at the center bearing, we have achieved a system that functions perfectly and yet will never ever wear out
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A Strategic Partnership in Unsurpassed Quality

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier is considered as one of the finest watch manufacturers in all of Switzerland, producing timepieces of only exceptional quality. Gallet is a strategic partner of Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, cooperatively sharing research, development, and manufacturing resources. This colaboration enables Gallet to provide the finest professional timing instruments available to the modern world. 

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Premier Chronometer vs. COSC Chronometer Testing

Gallet's own "Premier Chronometer" standards takes accuracy testing to a whole new level. Utilizing the in-house Vaucher CLA Chronometric Cell, testing of function and accuracy is carried out through all stages of each watch's production. Unlike testing at the official Swiss COSC Institute, which occurs only after a movement is assembled but prior to installation into the case, Gallet's movements are continually tested from start-to-finish. Final testing of fully assembled watches within the Chronometric Cell takes between 48 to 60 hours to complete.

This extreme diligence represents the ultimate in “Haute Horlogerie”, rarely seen in the watch industry today.
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Ultimate Quality is Now Affordable

Gallet has never been an "in your face" brand, charging exorbitant prices to pay for big marketing budgets. Instead we are well known by the professional user and advanced collector for our long history of unsurpassed quality.

While many larger brands enlist third parties to source the most important components, Gallet and its esteemed partner, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, perform almost every watch manufacturing task themselves. This rare approach results in much greater integration of components. Every part is custom crafted to flawlessly function together in perfect unity. This also allows Gallet to sell timepieces of the highest level of “Haute Horlogerie” at lower prices than what this exceptional quality would normally cost.
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The Racing Heritage Chronograph

Switzerland's foremost artisans have incorporated the highest principles of watchmaking technology and ergonomic design to create the most thought-out and well-engineered chronograph in the world.

Gallet Heritage Edition Chronograph
Exclusive limited edition of only 500 individually numbered examples

Price: $8,700.00