Repair, Restoration, and Routine Maintenance of
Vintage & Antique Chronographs

Chronograph Repair is our Specialty

Since most Gallet chronographs produced during the 20th century were sold in the Americas, our United States service facility is well stocked with original spare parts and best equipped to do the work. As one of the world’s most respected timepiece service companies, Gallet specializes in the maintenance, repair, and restoration of its own professional chronograph wristwatches as well as those manufactured and sold by numerous other Swiss brands.
Fine professional chronographs require full servicing at least every 10 years to replace degraded lubricants and insure proper function. Usage beyond this period can cause severe wear and damage to the delicate internal mechanisms.
All chronographs submitted to Gallet Watch Company are required to undergo our Complete Maintenance Service, designed to bring your watch as close to original factory condition and function as possible. It is against Gallet’s code of professional ethics to undertake any work or supply replacement parts separate from complete servicing.
The cost for the Complete Maintenance Service is 850 USD for most basic 2 and 3 register chronograph models and 950 USD for models with complex GMT, triple-date, split rattrapante, and/or moon phase features.
Restoration of the dial (face) is not included in the Complete Maintenance Service. Restoration involves replacement with an unused dial from our inventory of original replacements or full refinishing of existing dial to as close to original as possible. The cost of dial restoration is an additional 350 USD, and is recommended only if the existing dial is highly stained or damaged.
The 18 steps of the Complete Maintenance Service:

1.) Open the case, remove the dial (face) and the movement.
2.) Disassemble the case (crystal, pushers, crown, tube, bezel etc.).
3.) Ultrasonically wash the case.
4.) Restore the case to as close to original factory condition as possible.
5.) Re-assemble the case using new parts (crystal, tube, gaskets, washers, etc.).
6.) Remove the dial (face) and hands from the movement .
7.) Completely disassemble the movement into its individual parts.
8.) Inspect parts for signs of deterioration, wear, or needed repair.
9.) Replace or repair all deteriorated or worn parts.
10.) Ultrasonically wash all parts of disassembled movement.
11.) Re-assemble and lubricate movement with manufacturer specified lubricants.
12.) Test and adjust the movement to original specifications.
13.) Re-fit the dial and the hands.
14.) Re-install movement to case.
15.) Perform final testing and adjustment of movement for optimum timing and function.
16.) Close the case and test the water-resistance (water-resistant watches).
17.) Install new professional grade or military specification strap.
18.) Perform final inspection before returning the watch to the client.


To recieve more info about having your professional chronograph repaired or serviced or to receive an Official Service Order Number, click on the link below. Once you submit your information, please allow up to 2 business days for us to reply to your request.

PLEASE NOTE: Gallet does not provide appraisals/valuations or supply parts independent of full servicing.